Once upon a time...

On January 19, 2015 Knut Svandal Bø held our very first class in baccalao. Mess&Order’s kitchen was our first home for few months. In May 2015 we were super lucky to move to the friendliest and so well-equipped kitchen downtown in MagasinBlaa at Traktøren shop. Since the beginning we have had almost 400 courses and we are looking forward to many more.


Social Cooking is a place where you can learn to cook by socializing or learn to socialize by cooking.
It is up to you!

The kitchen is always the place to be — there are no age, status … no differences.

Social Cooking gathers people to share great moments, get to know one another and learn to cook a variety of meals, everything from homemade bread and cheese to gourmet dishes that require advanced techniques. We focus on healthy eating and use of local ingredients. Social Cooking is a great place to discover the wide variety of international cuisines represented in Stavanger!

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