Mexican With Claudia – Chicken Enchiladas In Green Sauce

Mexican with Claudia – Chicken Enchiladas in green sauce

Chicken Enchiladas in green sauce

Serving 4


For the chicken

850 grams chicken breast

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

1 tomato

2 teaspoons of oil

Enough water

½ teaspoon salt


For the enchiladas

8 pieces corn tortilla (buy @

0.5 litter sunflower oil

200 g grated cheese

0.5 litter of milk

1 box sour cream

1 litter green sauce (buy @


  • Put the chicken in a pot with enough water with all the ingredients and let the chicken cook (you can decide low, medium or high heat depending of your time to prepare the dish).
  • With 2 forks tear the chicken while warm (it will go faster) – the process is similar as for pulled pork.
  • Put enough oil in a fryer, frying pan or wok and heat it up at high temperature. When the oil is hot, carefully put a tortilla after the other and let them fry slightly just about a couple of minutes, they should not be hard just gilded!
  • Once you have all the tortillas and chicken ready, divide the chicken mixture into tortillas and roll them together in an oven tray; if they cool off quickly set them in the oven to keep them warm while you get everything else ready.
  • Warm up the green sauce ready for serving.
  • Mix the sour cream with the milk (it should be very runny – like a sauce) and put the mixture in a bowl ready for serving
  • The white cheese must also be ready for serving

For serving

  • Place your enchiladas on your plate then put grated cheese on top, then the warm salsa and the sour cream
  • Serve enchiladas with simple salad, rice, guacamole, totopos (nacho chips) and chili sauce.

Buen provecho!


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