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Mexican Cuisine With Patricia –  Sopes De Picadillo

Mexican Cuisine with Patricia – Sopes de Picadillo

Serves 12

Sopes are small round cakes of masa. The dough is thicker than that for tortillas and the edge is pinched up to form a small ridge. They are spread with a bean paste and picadillo (ground meat) and topped with more ingredients. Delicious and addictive!


1 ¼  cups tortilla dough.  

Oil for food


*See recipe to make corn tortillas in order to make the tortilla dough.


  • Divide the masa into 12 balls. Press each ball out (either with your hand or tortilla press) to a thick tortilla, about 9 cm diameter

  • Cook on a pan over medium heat for about one minute or until the bottom dough is firm and slightly brown

  • Turn the sope over and cook on the second side for about another minute

  • Turn it once again, and without trying to burn your fingers, pinch up a small ridge around so that the sauce won’t run off

  • Put a little oil on top of the dough and when it starts to fry remove it, and add the rest of the ingredients.




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