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xoco chocolate Corina

Chocolate making with Corina

Enjoying high-quality chocolate is an experience like no other. The flavors are rich and complex, and there is a large variation in flavors among various chocolates. In fact, the flavor compounds found in dark chocolate exceed those in red wine.

Corina is a professional pastry chef and chocolatier sharing her passion with many through Social Cooking and her very own Xoco by Corina and inspiring to love the quality chocolate and appreciate every single bite you take 🙂

During the course you will discover the world of fine chocolate and create some delicious chocolated to treat yourself or your close ones!

Price: 400 kr / pers || 350 kr for students

This price will cover ingredients and expenses related to the rental and organization of the event. Corina will be remunerated by “donation” after the course.


Got a gift card? Lucky you! 🙂 Contact Tamara to book your seat.


Nov 11 2017


16:00 - 19:00



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Traktøren Kjøkkenutstyr Magasinblaa
Verksgata 2, 4013 Stavanger
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