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Korean cuisine with Jieun

Jieun is from Busan came to Norway for over 3 years ago. She loves her home-country food and enjoys cooking because it brings her closer to herself and other people. During the course you will learn about some Korean mouth-watering dishes that are easy to make and you can recreate them in any form, any time at home.

– grilled short rib pattie (tteok-galbi)
– kimchi pancake (kimchi-jeon)
– mayak kimbap
Price: 400 kr / pers || 350 kr for students
The price for the course is covering expenses related ingredients and administration/organization, but not a salary for the chef – so you are welcome to bring some cash for tips or you can use Vipps (just download the app) and send over tips with your mobile phone.
Got a gift card? Lucky you! Get in touch with Tamara to book your seat!


Jan 22 2019


18:00 - 21:00

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Traktøren Kjøkkenutstyr Magasinblaa
Verksgata 2, 4013 Stavanger

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