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Indian Cuisine with Joyita – Chili Chicken

serves 4 

INGREDIENTS: Tbsp : Tablespoon  Ts : Teaspoon 

600 gr Chicken Breast  ( cut into cubes as shown)

3 Eggs 

 2 tbsp. + 3 ts Cornflour 

3 tbsp Refined flour ( hvetmel or Maida) 

Oil deep fry of chicken  (sunflower oil)

 2 ts Ginger garlic paste


 1,5 tbsp Garlic chopped

1 tbsp Ginger cut to jullions 

2 Green chilli remove seed and chop ( if you don’t want hot don’t use)

2 Green paprika medium ( cut in cubes as shown)

2 Red onion medium ( cut in cubes as shown)

3 tbsp Tomato sauce 

1 tbsp Red chilli sauce ( if you don’t prefer hot reduce to 1/2)

2 tbsp Soya sauce 

1ts + 2 ts Black pepper powder 

2tbsp Vinegar (white) 

Spring onions for garnish



  • In a bowl add chicken, egg, salt (1tsp), black pepper, ginger garlic paste,refined flour (hvetmel, 3tbsp), corn flour (2tbsp) and mix well
  • Keep aside for 1/2 hour

  • Heat sufficient oil in a wok and deep-fry the marinated chicken pieces till crisp. Drain on an absorbent kitchen towel

  • Make a mixture of 3 tsp of cornflour with 4tbsp of water and keep aside

  •  In a cup add the white vinegar and chopped chilli

  • Now heat 4tbsp of oil in another wok or a pan, add chopped garlic and sauté for one minute. Now add the ginger jullions and sauté well. For around 2 minutes

  • Add onion cubes and green paprika cubes cubes and sauté well. Cook till it is crunchy
  • Add the tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soya sauce and the corn flour and water mixture and mix well
  • Add the fried chicken pieces and toss well. Saute till the sauce coats the chicken pieces
  • Add salt, after checking, and black pepper powder and mix well.
  • Add the chilli soaked in vinegar to your taste, as hot and sour you want. Please let me know before you add so that I can help you
  • Remove it in a serving bowl and garnish with spring onion and serve.



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