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Indian Vegan Cuisine med Monika – SHAHI TOAST

INGREDIENTS: Tbsp : Tablespoon Ts : Teaspoon

8 Slices of white  bread

neutral cooking oil for frying

1 cup Sugar

A pinch of saffron

2-3 Cardamom pods/powder

Slivered Pistachio and Almond for Garnish

Water as needed 



  • Take a saucepan and heat water along with sugar, once the sugar dissolves add the saffron strands. Let it boil, till the syrup achieves two string consistency
  • Once the sugar syrup turns a little thick, add some cardamom powder. Put off the stove and keep aside
  • Now, take the bread slices and cut their sides and slice it as two triangles. Then, heat Neutral cooking oil in a pan and shallow fry the bread until they are crisp and golden brown on each side
  • Once the bread slices are fried, soak each slice in the remaining sugar syrup for about a minute. Put Slivered Pistachio and Almond for Garnish



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