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Italian Cuisine with Eliana – Pumpkins lasagna

Serves 8

INGREDIENTS: tsp = teaspoon tbsp = tablespoon

400 gr Minced pork meat 

1 Onion 

1 Pumpkin

20 gr Gouda cheese flakes

100 gr Mozzarella cheese flakes 

500 gr Lasagne  ( use the Barilla brand – blue packaging) 

100 gr Parmesan cheese

1 glass White wine

Olive oil and salt as needed

Béchamel preparation: 

100 gr Butter 

100 gr Flour 00 type

1 ts Salt

Nutmeg as needed 

1 L Whole milk



  • Finely chop the onion

  • Slice the pumpkin (3 cm thick slices)

  •  In a baking tray, put half of the chopped onion, the sliced pumpkin and oil as needed. Cook in oven (180 °C 20 minutes)

  • In the meanwhile, brown the other half of the onion with some oil in a frying pan, then add the minced meat and cook for about 3 minutes, simmering with withe wine until reduced.

  • Complete cooking for further 5 minutes, then add the pumpkin previously baked in the oven.




  • Prepare the béchamel:


Warm the milk in a small pot

In a second pot, melt the butter on light flame then turn off the heating, pour the flour all in once while mixing with a whisk to avoid clumps

Restart the heating (light) and continue mixing with the whisk until it gets slightly browned

Add some nutmeg and salt in the warm milk

 Pour some warm milk in the second pot, mixing strongly with the whisk

 Pour the remaining milk while keep mixing, and cook per 5-6 minutes until it gets more dense and it starts to boil.


  •  Pour two spoons of béchamel in a baking tray, then one layer of lasagna, then one layer ofpumpkin and minced meat, then one layer of béchamel, then one last layer of Gouda cheese flakes and mozzarella cheese flakes. Repeat the process 4 times. On top of all, pour some parmigiano cheese.

  •  Bake in oven (180 °C 20 minutes).”



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