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Italian with Marialaura – Cannoli Siciliani

Serving 12

INGREDIENTS: tsp = teaspoon tbsp = tablespoon

Ingredients for cannoli pasta:

60gr Sugar
50gr Butter
50gr Eggs
8 gr Cocoa
400gr Flour
100gr Semolina flour
150gr Dry Marsala

For the filling:

1 kg Ricotta
130gr Sugar
80gr Chocolate drops

To brush:

1 Egg

To decorate:

Pistachio grain
Icing sugar

To fry:

1 l Peanut oil




  • Put the ricotta to drain for an hour. 
  • Put the flour with the sugar, the softened butter, the eggs, the cocoa and the Marsala in the planetary mixer and work it all together to obtain a smooth and homogeneous mixture. 
  • Wrap it in a plastic sheet and let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours. 
  • After this time, roll out the dough. Work the dough very thin with the help of the pasta machine. Make rounded shapes with the help of a pastry cutter. Then, put them in cannoli shape with the steel cylinder and let them dry. 
  • Heat the peanut oil in a small saucepan until it reaches a temperature of 170 degrees, then fry the cannoli, drain them and let them cool before filling them. Prepare the cream with the ricotta that you previously drained, mixing it with sugar and chocolate drops. Fill the cannoli with the cream 
  • Decorate to taste and serve immediately



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