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Sushi Roll Futo Maki With Chicken

Japanese cuisine “Sushi roll Futo Maki with chicken” with Ayako

Serving 4 rolls


550 ml rice (Japanese style)
600 ml water
Sushi vinegar (vinegar 6 tbsp., sugar 4 tbsp., ½ tsp salt)
4 sheets nori
1 cucumber
8 lettuce leaves
1 piece chicken breast (seasoning: 1 tbsp. sake, 2 tbsp. soya sauce, 1 tbsp. mirin, 1 tbsp. sugar)


Prepare the rice:

  • Rinse rice with water, repeat several times until the water becomes clearer;
  • Put the rinsed rice and measured water into a pot. Turn on high heat. When boiling lower the heat and leave to cook for 20 min. without taking the lid off;
  • While the rice is warm, stir in the sushi vinegar. Do not knead. Keep stirring until it cools down and the wet texture disappears.

Prepare the filling/topping:

  • Grill both sides of the chicken in a frying pan (optionally add little oil). When mostly cooked, add the seasonings (sake, mirin, sugar and soya sauce) and cook until the water is reduced. Cut into thin sticks;
  • Cut the cucumber into sticks. Split the lettuce leaves.


  • Spread wrap foil in front of you; 
  • Take a sheet of nori, place it on the wrap foil. Shiny side down, rough side up;
  • Spread the rice evenly on the nori, leaving 5 cm from the edge uncovered with rice;
  • Put chicken, cucumber and lettuce in the middle of rice. Add mayonnaise – optional;
  • Roll the nori, rice and filling together, then press lightly at the end of the roll;
  • Wrap and leave 5-10 min. until it gets settled. Then cut with a wet knife.

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