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Korean Cuisine with Jisu – Korean Fish Cake Soup (O Deng Tang)

Serves 10


tsp = teaspoon tbsp = tablespoon

10 Fish cakes

10 Rice cakes

Wooden skewers


1 ½ liter Water

40 gr Katsuobushi

10 gr Kombu


3 Fresh Shitake or Portobello mushroom

2 Spring onions

1 bundle Enoki mushrooms

3 bundles Parsley leaves

Dipping Sauce:

2 tbsp soy sauce

½ cup broth (see ingredients above)

1 tbsp chopped spring onion

1 tbsp red and green chilies

1 tbsp chopped onion

1 tbsp ground garlic

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp sesame oil




  • Heat up water + kambu in a pot (soak the kambu for few hours or over night)
  • When it starts simmering, turn off the heat. Remove kambu.
  • Add Katsuobushi. Make sure they are submerged in water. Leave for 2 minutes.
  • Place colander over a large bowl. Place a cheesecloth or a paper towel in
  • colander. Pour the broth into it.



  • Put fish cake and rice cake on wooden skewers. Be creative!
  • Place them into a large, wide and shallow pot. Decorate with the ´top´ingredients.
  • Pour broth.
  • Bring to boil.
  • Make dipping sauce meanwhile, mixing all ingredients into a small bowl.



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