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Leek with Gribiche sauce

serve for 4

INGREDIENTS: ts = teaspoon tbsp = tablespoon 

5 leeks (thin ones) 

3 eggs

2 ts capers

cider or white wine vinegar

olive oil

2 tbsp french mustard (regular or old )

3 french pickles 

1 dry tablet of vegetables bouillon or chicken bouillon




  • Cook the leeks : Heat a large pan of water with coarse salt and broth. Meanwhile, peel the leeks. When the water boils, immerse them and let them cook for 20 minutes.



  • The famous gribiche – Heat a small pot of water to cook the eggs. When the water boils, immerse them in it for 9 minutes, no more! While the eggs cook, wash and chop the parsley, pickles and capers. Mix everything in a bowl. Add the mustard, the olive oil vinegar and the salt and pepper. Mix well. When the egg is cooked, peel it, chop it with a fork in small pieces and add it to the sauce.



  • The final dressing – Drain the leeks and let them cool a little. Wrap each leek in the center of a plate and drizzle with the sauce. Serve ! Delicious on toasted bread !


ASTUCE to peel the leeks:-)

Peel the leeks, removing the first two layers, then cut the green and the roots.

On a wooden board, lay your leek flat and cut your vegetable into four lengthwise only on its upper half. This allows the leaves to be opened and the soil residue that is stuck to be removed well by passing them under water


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