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Mexican with Patricia – Salsa Ranchera

A basic tomato sauce used for eggs, meat, tacos, quesadillas. Etc.


  •      3 ripped tomatoes (medium to large size)
  •      6 fresh chili jalapeno
  •      1 garlic clove
  •      ½ teaspoon (or to taste) sea salt
  •      1 tablespoon rapsolje

1/Heat the oil in a pan (medium-high temperature), add the tomatoes and chilis.

2/Turn them around very often until they are brown/burnt. Set them in a plate. In a molcajete, place the garlic and smash it, add the tomatoes (one by one) and smash them.

3/Then add the chilis (one by one) and smash them. You will get a salsa consistency, add salt to taste.

***This salsa can be made in a blender (low speed), same process.


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