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Mexican with Patricia – Tortillas made with Maseca

Makes about  12-15 (12 cm) tortillas


  •      2 cups Maseca corn masa (flour)
  •      1 ⅓ cups water approximately (warm)
  •      Plastic bags for pressing tortillas (like IKEA zipper bags)
  •      A tortilla press

1/Mix the Maseca with the water and work well so that is evenly distributed through the flour and forms a cohesive mass when pressed together. The dough should be of medium consistency, neither too firm, nor wet and sticky.

2/Make 12-15 small balls. Place one ball on the plastic side of the tortilla press, and press it until the tortilla is thin enough. Take it out and place it in a warm (medium heat) pan.

3/Turn around the tortilla after 30-60 seconds, and after 30-60 seconds, turn it again, leave it for 30 seconds, and then place it in a cloth or tortilla warmer to keep them warm and soft.  

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