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Skrei with Bammut – Fish Stock

serves 8

INGREDIENTS: Tbsp : Tablespoon   Ts : Teaspoon

4 kg Cut-off of white fish, head, back bone (preferably from
halibut or cod)
2 Leeks, the green part  
1 Onion
60 g   Celery
2 ts peppercorn
2 bay leaves
6 l   water
4 Tbsp salt



  • Wash the cut-off and other parts of the fish. Remove all the blood as well as the gills. Wash the vegetables and cut them in large bites.

  • Combine all ingredients  in a pot and add cold water so it covers the content.

  • Put on the cooking top, heat up until the water simmers (but should not boil) for 20 minutes.  If some foam forms at the surface, remove it with a scoop.

  • When the stock is ready, remove the vegetables and fish parts (sill off the liquid)
    (If you want a stronger taste of the stock (more concentrated) or have too little room in the freezer – let everything cook over longer time, so the volume reduces by a half. In this case, it may also be worthwhile to make the stock without salt and rather salt when it is going to be used).


Tip: Use only white fish bones for the stock. It is important that you do not cook the fish bones more than 20 – 25 minutes before you strain them, as it will easily become gluey (viscous) if it boils for too long.

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