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South Italian cuisine with Marialaura: Peperoni ripieni

Serving 4-6


1 yellow bell-pepper
1 red bell-pepper
1 mozzarella
bread crumbs
olive oil



  • Wash the peppers and bake them in the oven;
  • Slice mozzarella, parsley and garlic in small pieces;
  • In a bowl put together the bread crumbs, parsley, basil, garlic, capers, salt and a bit of olive oil;
  • Remove the peppers from the oven and clean them (take the seeds and skin off, try not to break the peppers);
  • Cut the peppers in 8 long slices;
  • On top of the slices, put some of the bread crumbs mix and a small piece of mozzarella;
  • Roll the pepper slice on itself and close it with a toothpick;Put some olive oil in an oven pan, add the pepper rolls and cook them in the oven for 10 min.

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