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Thai cuisine with Bammut: Tom Ka soup

serves 4


200 g chicken breast
1 pack coriander with roots
3 coriander roots
3 birdeye chili (thai chili)
4 galangal root
1 l coconut milk
40 g palm sugar
10 lime leaves
4 lemon grass
100 g champignon
lime juice



  • Cut the chicken in pieces and put a side.
  • Half the chilies, slice the galangal and clean the coriander roots. Add it all in a deep pot together with coconut milk, palm sugar, lime leaves, beaten lemon grass and coriander. Heat up until boiling point and season with sugar, lime juice and fishsauce. Add the chicken pieces cook for further 6 mins. At last add chopped champignons let it cook for a couple of minutes, and serve.



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