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Thai Cuisine with Kittikanya – Coconut shrimp ceviche (cooked shrimps)

 2 serves 

INGREDIENTS: ts = teaspoon tbsp = tablespoon

10 shrimp, raw, with shelf

1 can coconut milk 

1 thumb chunk of galangal

3 stalks lemongrass

6 kaffir lime leaves

1 red onion

5 – 10 Thai chilies

3 tbsp fish sauce 

4 tbsp lime juice

small bunch of cilantro

2 ts sugar



  • First take a thumb sized chunk of galangal, cut off the stems, and cut the root part into thin slices. It can be a little tough, so you might have to hit the top of your knife with your palm
  • Next grab your lemongrass, slice off the bottoms, pull off the outer skin layer, and then slice it diagonally into about 1 inch strips. This is just going to help release its amazing fragrance
  • Turn on your stove to medium heat and add the coconut milk to a medium sized saucepan. Put the pot on the heat and immediately toss in the sliced galangal and lemongrass. Take the kaffir lime leaves, break them with your hand, and toss them directly into the soup. Breaking the kaffir lime leaves is going to release their flavor.
  • As your coconut milk begins to heat, in a pot with boiling water add shrimp for a couple minute so that the shrimp just cooked. Release the hot water and keep the shrimp cold in the refrigerator
  • When the coconut milk comes to a boil, take away all the pieces in the coconut. Keep the cooked coconut milk in the refrigerator
  • Prepare your Thai chilies in a small piece
  • Now add fish sauce, sugar and lime to begin with (taste to add more) into the cold coconut sauce
  • Go back to your cutting board, slice up a handful of fresh cilantro and red onion.
  • Served the shrimp with the cold coconut sauce and top it with cilantro and red onion.



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