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Thai Street Food

Thai Street food with Bammut: Tapioca pudding with coconut cream

Serving 10


250ml green small tapioca pearls
200g sugar
1,5 small can of corn
700ml water
3-4 pandan leaves or 1 tablespoon pandan leave extract

Coconut Cream topping

900 ml coconut milk
125 ml rice flour
75 ml sugar
1.5 teaspoon salt




  • Bring water to boil with the pandan leaves, add the tapioca pearls and lett it simmer for about 15 mins, stiring while cooking. Then add the sugar and the sweet corn.


  • Coconut Cream topping: Heat everything up on low heat and stir until it gets thick.


  • Plate the tapioca in glasses and add the coconut cream on top, leave it to cool and serve, bon appetite!



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