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Thai Street Food

Thai street food with Bammut: Tod Man Pla (fishcakes)

Serving 8


1 kg cod/seifilet
2,5 teaspoon salt
80 g fish sauce
80 g red curry paste
40 g egg white
10 lime leaves
100g long beans
0,5 tablespoon sugar
1 l oil for frying


  • Cut the fish into small cubes, blend it in a food processor with salt to a tough mass.
  • Add fish sauce, curry paste and egg whites.
  • Cut lime leafs and beans in thin pieces and add in, then the sugar in the end.
  • Now take 2 spoons in oil to form round balls.
  • Heat up oil in pot for frying, the oil has to be 175c before frying.
  • Fry the fishcakes until it get golden red color.

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