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Vietnamese cuisine with Chi-Chi: Bun thit nuong (grilled pork with rice vermicelli and herbs)

Serves 4

150 g roasted peanuts
½ package vermicelli rice noodles (Bun tuoi)
100 g sesame seeds
2 slices (2 cm)  pork shoulder meat
100 g Vietnamese pork (Gio Hao Hang)
½ cucumber
2 carrots
1 package Thai basil
1 package Asian cilantro
handful of mint
2 Thai red chilli
3 cloves garlic
2 limes
fish sauce
sweet thick soy sauce
sesame oil


  • wash all herbs and other ingredients;
  • peel the carrots and cucumber;
  • cut the carrots and cucumber into fine juliennes (thin stripes);
  • take all the leaves of the thai basil and mint from the stems (throw away the stems);
  • for cilantro keep the leaves on the stem, but cut of the root end of it;
  • tear (not cut) thai basil, cilantro and mint leaves into smaller pieces;
  • mix garlic, thai red chilli and lime in a blender, so what everything is smashed;
  • measure the same amount of hot water and fish sauce then mix it together; when is mixed add the garlic, chilli, lime mix into the sauce;
  • add sugar into the mix to create a sweeter taste (little by little after what you like to taste like); set to a side until serving;
  • boil rice vermicelli noodles (Tip: after noodles are done cooking, then rinse the noodles in cold water. This will stop the cooking process and at the same time also take away the starch);
  • take your hand thru the cold noodles, so that they don’t stick together and let them cool down;
  • roast the peanuts, so that it will have a slightly roast-smoky taste;
  • then take the peanuts and smash it into smaller pieces (do not make peanut butter);
  • for pork marinade first of all mix sweet thick soy sauce with some water then add a squeeze of lime, just to make it less sweet and more tangy;
  • cut the pork meat into larger dices (remember to keep the fat and skin), put into large bowl, add sesame oil, sesame seeds and the pork marinade and mix everything together;
  • let the pork marinate overnight if possible;
  • when grilling the pork use sesame oil, grill the pork meat so that it will get a slight sear on the external coat, but still moist inside; don’t overcook the meat;
  • plating: use a big enough bowl that can have all of ingredients in it. First add noodles in the bottom, then add the herbs and veggies, pork meat grilled and sliced Vietnamese at the end and sprinkle with peanuts on top. For last add prepared fish sauce mix so that all of the food will be covered with it.




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