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Vietnamese cuisine with Tram – Hoanh Tanh Chien, Deep fried wonton with cream cheese and spring onion

Serving 40




Square wonton wrapper, 1 pack (defreeze)

Cream cheese, 400 g

Spring onion, 1 pck, sliced

Pepper, 1 tsp

1 egg white, for brushing

Frying oil (not olive oil), sunflower or other oil that supports high heat


Sweet chili sauce or Mango salsa

Mango dipping sauce

Frozen mango, 300-400 g

Water, 1 dl

Sugar, 2 TBSP

Salt, ¼ tsp

Chinese black vinegar, 1 tsp



Roasted peanuts

Greens/Mixed salad



Mango dipping sauce

  • Bring mango, water and sugar to a boil, reduce (medium heat) for approx. 20 min until the mango is soft, about 1 dl liquid left
  • Add salt and vinegar and reduce 2 more minutes
  • Transfer in a blender and blend until smooth, leave aside

Cream cheese filling

  • Dice spring onion
  • Whip cream cheese with salt and pepper until airy, 2-3 min
  • Add spring onion to the cheese mixture and fold gently
  • Add in a piping bag (if you are making a big batch, else keep in bowl)


  • Put 4 wrappers on a clean surface
  • Pipe cream in the middle (if using teaspoon, make a dollop with 2 teaspoons)
  • Brush edge with egg white
  • Fold over to make a triangle
  • Brush the side edge with egg white, and fold the other edge over (boat shape)
  • Transfer to a tray and cover with kitchen towel to keep from drying


  • Heat frying oil
  • Fry a few pieces until golden, allow enough room in the pan
  • Transfer to tray with paper to remove excess oil

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