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Vietnamese with Tram – Vietnamese Salad – Goy Chai

serves 4

INGREDIENTS: ts = teaspoon tbsp = tablespoon

100 gr Shredded red cabbage
1 pack Cabbage and carrots mix
100 gr Grated carrots
1/2 Red onion (pickle – see recipe under)
1 Small sweet grapefruit  – cut in sections and keep the juice
200 gr Tofu,  firm or extra firm type for deep frying (do not use the silk tofu)
5 dl Frying oil for tofu (if fryer is used)
1 tbsp Sesame oil

Garnish :

2 tbsp Fried onion  – added just before serving
2 tbsp White sesame seeds (added  just before serving)
¼ bouquet Mint, finely shredded (added just before serving)
¼ bouquet Thai basil, finely shredded (added just before serving)
¼ bouquet Coriander, finely shredded (added just before serving)
4 tbsp (full) Roasted peanuts, roughly crushed 

Red onion pickles :

2 tbsp White vinegar
4 tbsp Sugar
½ tsp Salt

Dressing :

4 tbsp (full) Sugar
0,5 dl Boiled water
2 tbsp White vinegar
2 tbsp Lime juice freshly pressed
1-2 Garlic cloves, finely chopped
Red Thai chili  (choose the bird eye chili if you want extra spicy)

Sesame seed chips and Shrimp chips

⅓ pack Rice paper with sesame seeds  ( 1 piece of paper/pers)
¼ pack Shrimp chips (bought ready – made)
Cooking oil for deep frying


Dressing & pickles

  • Cut and mix all crunchy salat together in a big bowl
  • Make dressing by mixing all (except garlic and chili) until dissolved, add garlic and chili and stir quickly
  • Save 4 tablespoons dressing for later use, pour the rest over the salad, toss/mix and chill for 30-60 min or until use
  • Make pickle for onion rings by mixing everything until dissolved, pour over onion rings and pickle for 30-60 min or until use
  • Cut grapefruit in 2 cm pieces for later use, keep juice

Deep frying 

  • Cut tofu in 3×3 cm pieces and dry well before deep frying (to avoid splashes). Deep fry until golden. Cool and cut in smaller pieces for later use
  • Deep fry sesame rice paper (broken in 6 pieces) in frying oil until blown up and floating (shall not turn brown, stay white)

Non-vegetarian: You can add boiled king prawns, chicken or use raw salmon

Assembling the salad & serving

  • Pluck herb leaves (remove hard stem), cut thinly and set aside
  • Crush roasted peanuts and set aside
  • Squeeze out liquid from salad and put it in a new clean bowl (discard liquid)
  • Add grapefruit and juice, pickled onion rings, tofu pieces (or other protein), cut herbs
  • Pour over 4 tbsp dressing that was set aside and mix everything
  • Top salat with peanuts, sesame seeds, and deepfried shallot/onion (Maarud or other brand)
  • Serve salat in a small bowl with chips aside or for nice plating: put 3 chips on a plate, add salad on top of each chip, sprinkle with garnish Ingredients

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